Happy New Year

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Happy new year to you all

It's been a while since we have submitted a blog and thought it about time we gave a brief update to you, the reader, on our trips since late summer. 

The main event of summer was our much anticipated trip to photograph the dolphins at Chanonry point, not as successful as we'd hoped. One of the resident dolphins, 'Spirtle' had taken himself to the south of Ireland for the summer, another dolphin went off to holiday off the coast of Holland. With these dolphins missing the numbers in the Moray Firth were down, couple that with the worst salmon run for ten years, not good. As the salmon weren't present in their usual large numbers the dolphins that were in the area fished mainly out towards Fort George, where the herring were in abundance, and only passed through the channel now and then. From a photographers view it wasn't good as the dolphins tended to swim past and weren't putting on much of a show but the times the dolphins did come past was well worth the time spent waiting for them. It really is an amazing place and such a privilege to get so close to these huge cetaceans, thoroughly recommended 

We spent hours on the point, both morning and evening tide, and although the dolphins didn't give us the images we wanted it was still an amazing trip and we did manage some half decent record shots.


The other trips during July were Skomer Island and Aviemore ospreys, both of which have been written about in earlier blogs but I would like to mention that one of Michelle's osprey images was picked up by a news agency and featured in The Telegraph newspaper, which was lovely.

osprey with troutosprey with trout

We had also been looking forward to the red deer rut and when it arrived we were rewarded with loads of images. We had been hoping to get to Richmond park in London to see the resident deer, but alas, the weather was rubbish on all three of the planned trips so we gave up with that idea and went to Tatton Park in Knutsford on 3 occasions, not much rutting but loads of bellowing and posturing.

Red stag bellowingRed stag bellowing




        Red stagRed stag Red stagRed stag









We would have liked to have seen a Short eared owl by now but, although they have arrived in the country, we have yet to see any. The same can be said of the waxwings, they again are in the country but seem to be favouring the western side of England, Scotland has a huge number of them as usual. 

The year drew to a close with a visit to Aviemore to try and photograph the mountain hare. The week before our trip the weather on Cairngorm was perfect, cold, calm and clear with plenty of snow on the mountain. That changed the day we arrived, the temperature shot up, the rain came and the bulk of the snow melted within 24 hours, typical. The trip up the mountain was fruitless, plenty of evidence of hare activity but not one did we see, hey ho. During 2020 we will be checking out a few different places which have been recommended and we will keep you updated.


Thanks for reading and hopefully 2020 will bring health wealth and prosperity to us all.


Phil & Michelle



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