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Welcome to our galleries which feature some of our favourite images taken throughout the UK.
All images contained in the galleries are available to purchase.

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2023 Wildlife calendar

A beautiful spring bound calendar, A4 size opening to A3 to reveal 12 of our favourite images from 2022.



Puffins are adored by many. Here is a collection of some of our favorite photos from over the years.
The images featured are from Skomer, Dunnet Head, Bempton cliffs and the Isle of Lunga

Otters of Mull

Some images captured during many hours of otter watching whilst on the Isle of Mull


Some of our favourite seal images taken at Donna Nook


Gannets visit UK shores every year for the breeding season. This is a collection of images from many trips to Bempton Cliffs.


A collection of favourite images. The majority of which were captured during our annual trips to Richmond Park and Tatton park in Cheshire. The only exceptions are the deer in the snow which were photographed in a pine forest in Scotland.
Osprey with fish


The Osprey visit the UK every year, returning to previous nest sites for the purpose of breeding.
Words cannot describe seeing these magnificent birds dive for and catch a fish only meters away from the lens.
All our images were captured in the Cairngorm region of Scotland.

Red Fox

The images in this gallery are all of a small group which live in a woodland area not too far from us. They are content with human interaction and are happy to feed, rest and play in front of the locals.
Barn owl

Birds of prey

A collection of some of our favourite local birds. The barn owl is usually a nocturnal bird with brief glimpses at dawn or dusk. The owls featured actively hunt during the day all year round.The kestrel is a resident of our local nature reserve and is very accommodating when being photographed.
Bottlenose dolphin breaching at Chanonry point Scotland


The dolphins featured are from the Inverness area. They are bottlenose dolphins which generally live in the colder waters of the North sea. They are also the largest bottlenose dolphins, growing up to 4 meters in length.
Pine marten on pine log

Pine Marten

The pine marten was once a rare site in the UK. Although still rather scarce, with successful breading and release programmes, they can now be seen all over the UK.
The pine marten featured are from the Black Isle and Oban areas of Scotland.

Red Squirrel

These adorable little creatures are sadly in decline in the UK although some areas do sustain healthy populations. Scotland is a stronghold for them.
The images we are featuring are from both Scotland and the Yorkshire Dales.
white tailed sea eagle Mull

White Tailed Eagle

The white tailed eagle was hunted to extinction in the UK but several pairs are now breeding successfully in a couple of areas.
Our featured images where taken whilst aboard a boat on the Isle of Mull.
Just like the osprey, it is incredible to see them dive and fish right in front of the lens
Mountain hare in snow

Mountain Hare

The mountain hare featured are in both their summer (brown) and winter (white) coats, also known as pelage.
All the images were taken in The Cairngorm and Monadhliath mountain ranges of Scotland.
Kingfisher perched


Most people only ever see the blue flash of a kingfisher as it darts past. We, like many other people, are fortunate enough to have a mating pair in our local country park.
Male and female Ptarmigan


The Ptarmigan is like the mountain hare in the same way as they change pelage for winter and summer. They are ideally adapted for the cold and even have feathers on their lower legs.
The birds featured were photographed up Cairngorm mountain

Heilan' coo's

Although highland cows aren't wildlife, we couldn't resist sharing some images of these iconic animals.
Whilst they can be found dotted around the UK they are always associated with the highlands of Scotland.