About us

We are a husband and wife team from Lancashire who share a passion for wildlife, the outdoors and photography. Whilst our photography is done as a hobby we have had images printed in magazines, newspapers and on various news platforms both in the United Kingdom and internationally.
All the images have been captured by ourselves during many trips and countless hours around the UK. We venture out in all weather conditions, sun, rain, hail, sleet and knee deep snow in order to photograph the wildlife in their natural surroundings. Over the years we have developed our fieldcraft skills enabling us to get close to the subject and at no time were any of the featured animals disturbed or harassed.
During winter we spend a lot of time in the Cairngorm region of Scotland in the pursuit of wildlife in the snow which isn't as easy you may think, it doesn't snow as much as it used to in Scotland.
The spring and summer months are spent taking trips to Mull for the abundant wildlife but we mainly photograph the otters. A trip to the isle of Lunga for the puffins is an annual event. The magnificent osprey also return to UK shores for the breeding season, we have spent many hours in Scotland capturing images of these incredible birds hunting and diving for fish. We also spend a lot of time photographing the mesmerising gannets on the N/E coast of England.
Autumn into winter is spent photographing red deer rutting season, late September to late October, along with seal pupping season which is generally from Mid November until the end of December.
Of all the seasons winter is our favourite. This is the time the mountain hare develops its white coat and the red squirrels grow a thick coat and develop their ear tufts. The winter weather also gives us incredible photo opportunities.